On the Importance of Play

IMG_2089IMG_7002.JPGThe importance of play and being playful are both essential in all domains of life, but more so to relationships. And although we, Josh and I, have our moments of utter and sensible logical or philosophical discussions to the big notions of life, where we stop and ponder, sometimes our excitement gets the best of us and we break the “social etiquette” of not interrupting each other while we fuss about the perfect terminology to describe what we mean, because God forbid, we are ever wrong… despite all of that, we play, a lot.

What I mean by play is simply letting loose, something you can do with no needed additives (if you know what I mean). It is the ability to be comfortable in your own skin and as you crawl on the other person’s skin and patience, to be able to be free and easy. This we have been able to achieve really quickly, I may say, and should go into our “appreciation book” .

Other than the silliness aspect of play, the tiring laughter that takes its toll on my breathing sometimes, as I start to emit here and there little shrieks of gasping air, it is really good for the heart and the soul; and for our togetherness.

The other facet of play to me is spontaneity, and that is gravely important. Yes, we plan. Most of our adventures are planned, but not way before and not wholly. Seeking to do new things in new places is easy, for everything is new in that formula and commonality takes time and grows a habit. But the ability to be new in all too common place is more difficult and I think it reaps more merits. This we were able to achieve during the Christmas break we had in Tallahassee, Josh’s hometown and my second home for more than three years.

So, and in the spirit of more play and less seriousness- unless we are discussing existentialism- we have started our own Valentine’s tradition. Last year, we visited Thomasville together for Valentine’s day, a place we both have been before but not together. I experienced the place differently and now see it from a new angle. I am sure Josh concurs. This time, we are doing it double fold. We are going to experience two new places: Jezzine and Tyre; only the first I have been to and the second will be our new temporary playground before we retire back to what we now call “HOME”.